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Category: Naturaleza

Bravest little cat in the world: Tiny wildcat scratches and hisses as pride of lionesses surround it…but it is no match for them in the end »

Tweet This brave little wildcat took on four lionesses in a battle for its life in a wildlife park in southern Africa. The tiny cat ferociously bore its teeth and rose its claws in an attempt to fight off the predators as the lionesses crowded around. In the David versus Goliath attack, the females ganged […]

La verdadera historia de los leones escrita en sus genes »

Tweet No todos los leones son iguales. Admirados, temidos y amenazados, estos majestuosos felinos acaban de revelar a la ciencia los secretos de su historia. Related Articles: Gato enloquece y obliga a sus dueños a encerrarse en un cuarto Consejos para cuando tu perro se quede solo en casa ¿Pie Grande? en realidad era un […]

Nature at its most brutal: Tragic end for heavily pregnant zebra as it is eaten alive by a pack of hyenas »

Tweet This is the devastating moment a heavily pregnant zebra was killed by hyenas in Africa. It was a scene that photographer Marc Mol found incredibly difficult to watch – other onlookers couldn’t bear it and left, he said The harrowing scene unfolded in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve in Narok County, with the mare […]

Conozca a la oveja que se cree perro »

Tweet Fuente: trendingsvideos Esta oveja ha crecido junto a cachorros y se cree perro. Corre, juega y se divierte persiguiendo a un perrito, mientras las otras ovejas la observan calmadas. Puede que sea la oveja más feliz del mundo. Este video no es nuevo, pero recientemente volvió a ser viral en Rusia. Related Articles: Gato […]

Pura felicidad: Un perro de dos patas ve la playa por primera vez en su vida »

Tweet Fuente: pandapawsrescue Estas imágenes en las que Duncan Lou Who, un perro de dos patas, pasa su primer día en la playa les hará sentir que pueden hacer casi cualquier cosa. Las patas de Duncan fueron removidas ya que nació con una grave deformidad, pero en este video el perro se siente mejor que […]

Monster 15-inch rat terrorises Swedish family after chewing through CONCRETE wall to make its home in their kitchen »

Tweet A Swedish family suffered the shock of a lifetime when they discovered that the ‘kitchen mouse’ that had their cat running around in circles was in fact a gigantic monster rat. The Bengtsson-Korsås family first noticed something was wrong when their cat Enok refused to enter the kitchen in their flat in Solna, north-west […]

‘We sacrificed having children for our furry baby’: The story of Hercules the ‘millionaire bear’ who became a Hollywood star – and made his Scottish owners a fortune »

Tweet As any pet owner knows, the bond between animals and their owner is a sacred one. But even the most ardent animal-lover will be amazed by the story of Hercules, the grizzly bear cub taken in by a Scottish couple in 1976. From that day, and for every day over the next 25 years, […]

Tiny the Rottweiler was close to death in a Taiwanese dog pound until a British expat rescued him… just look at him now »

Tweet Barely skin and bones, this emaciated dog was abandoned on a street and left to die. As the Rottweiler, called Tiny, lay in the pound, his carers thought he had given up hope. But a British owner took him in, helped him recover, and now this once decrepit animal has won the title of […]

Conoce las asombrosas serpientes voladoras »

Tweet La increíble capacidad de unas pocas especies de serpientes del género Chrysopelea les permiten planear sin nada que las sostenga en el aire; una de ellas, la Chrysopelea Paradisi es incluso capaz de girar y el cambiar el sentido de la marcha en pleno vuelo. Related Articles: Gato enloquece y obliga a sus dueños […]

‘But mum…I don’t want to go to bed!’: Mother panda’s struggle to get her adorable cub to go to sleep (which will ring true to any parent with a toddler!) »

Tweet When mum says it’s bedtime, it’s bedtime … it doesn’t matter what age (or species of animal) you are! But as any parent knows, it can be easier said than done getting your little one to put their head down – especially when it’s the last thing they want to do. That’s exactly what […]

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