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Archive for May, 2010

Enfermedades infecciosas y parasitarias del periquito »

Tweet Entre los tipos de enfermedades que padecen los periquitos se encuentran las infecciosas y las producidas por parásitos, en primera instancia veamos las infecciosas: Related Articles: Estudio da cuenta de la increíble inteligencia de los cuervos El pájaro que “toca un solo de batería” para deslumbrar a las hembras Este pájaro es mucho más […]

I’ve got my eye on you! The caterpillar that pretends to be a fearsome snake »

Tweet At first glance it may look like a fearsome snake but this rearing creature is actually a small caterpillar with a cunning means of defence. The Spicebush Swallowtail has evolved a large pair of false eyespots and bold yellow and blue markings to frighten off potential predators. The brightly coloured insect, which is only […]

Girl, 5, severely injured after being mauled by American bulldog »

Tweet A five-year-old girl suffered severe facial injuries when she was attacked by an American bulldog, police said today. The girl’s stepfather grappled with the animal, a family pet, to force it to release her but received injuries to his arm in the process. The girl and man were taken to hospital by ambulance following […]

Un impactante reptil gigante volador, desenterrado en Marruecos »

Tweet La criatura, de 95 millones de años, tiene un aspecto aterrador parecido al de una extraña ave y unos extraordinarios seis metros de envergadura Impresión artística del Alanqa saharica / Davide Bonadonna Un equipo de investigadores irlandeses ha desenterrado en Marruecos los restos de un inquietante lagarto volador gigante, un pterosaurio de 95 millones […]

Rumble in the jungle: Spectacular sight of two male leopards in bloody clash over territory »

Tweet It’s not just politicians who fight tooth and nail for power. These striking images show the moment two young leopards faced off in a bitter and bloody struggle for territory, to match anything you will see in Westminster. The rare encounter was captured by wildlife photographer Andrew Batchelor, 27, while on an expedition at […]

Caracoles drogados dan clave de la adicción »

Tweet Los caracoles se usan a menudo para estudiar la memoria y el aprendizaje. En un inusual experimento para encontrar claves de la adicción en seres humanos, científicos de Estados Unidos decidieron usar caracoles para estudiar los efectos de la metanfetamina en el cerebro. Related Articles: El extraño caso de la manada de chimpancés que […]

Excess Urine and Excess Thirst in Rabbits »

Tweet Polyuria and Polydipsia in Rabbits Polyuria is defined as greater than normal urine production, and polydipsia as greater than normal water consumption. The average normal water intake for rabbits is 50-150 mL/kg body weight daily. This is the general expectation of water consumption, since rabbits that are fed large amounts of water-containing foods, such […]

Common Health Problems »

Tweet GI Stasis When a rabbit stops eating, it is a serious matter. If your rabbit stops eating or producing faeces for 12 hours or more, you should consider the condition an EMERGENCY. With GI stasis, the normal, quiet gurgling of the healthy intestine may be replaced either by very loud, violent gurgles (gas moving […]

How butterfly wings could make our bank notes almost impossible to forge »

Tweet Scientists at Cambridge University have found a way to mimic the colours on tropical butterfly wings, which could be used to make bank notes and credit cards far harder to forge. The team made structurally identical copies of the scales on wings, which create the same iridescent colour when light bounces off them. Scientists […]

The rhinosaur: Five-ton horned prehistoric reptile that looked like rhino is unearthed in Mexico »

Tweet An armoured dinosaur with 4ft horns – the longest known among the extinct reptiles – has been unearthed in Mexico. The 72 million-year-old rhino-sized plant-eater Coahuilaceratops magnacuerna was an ancestor of the famous three-horned Triceratops. Like other horned dinosaurs, or ceratopsids, it had a large bony plate behind its head which would have acted […]

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