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Archive for May, 2010

La BBC emitirá una serie reportajes sobre el Solenodonte y la Jutía »

Tweet SANTO DOMINGO.-Desde el próximo lunes 31 de mayo, la BBC de Londres iniciará la emisión de una serie de reportajes sobre el solenodonte de la Hispaniola, motivados por la ejecución del proyecto “Los últimos sobrevivientes- salvando el solenodonte y la jutía de la Hispaniola”, que lleva a cabo República Dominicana con el apoyo del […]

Los bomberos rescatan a un loro que gritaba “ayuda” al quedarse atrapado »

Tweet Un loro, llamado Enrico, que se enrolló en un cable cuando iba al bar, empezó a pedir auxilio y la gente, creyendo que se trataba de una persona en dificultades, llamó a los bomberos que lo salvaron, informan este sábado los medios italianos. El pueblo de Spadola se movilizó para ayudar al loroLas tribulaciones […]

How To Clean & Disinfect Bird Cages »

Tweet What to start with? First we have to consider the following: What can I afford? Related Articles: Estudio da cuenta de la increíble inteligencia de los cuervos El pájaro que “toca un solo de batería” para deslumbrar a las hembras Este pájaro es mucho más listo de lo que creías Evitar que los urogallos […]

Cute enough to cuddle? Baby caiman crocodiles make their debut at sea park »

Tweet This deceptively cute newborn is bringing a new meaning to the phrase ‘little nipper’. The tiny baby is one of the smallest species of crocodile in the world – and is learning to feed with the help of a baby bottle. His favourite crickets, crabs and shellfish have been crammed into the bottle to […]

Barrancolí (Todus subulatus) Filmado en La Mina de Pedro Bello »

Tweet Esta es una de las dos especies de barrancolí endémicas de la isla Hispaniola. Existen solo 5 especies de Barrancolí en el mundo, todas Related Articles: Estudio da cuenta de la increíble inteligencia de los cuervos El pájaro que “toca un solo de batería” para deslumbrar a las hembras Este pájaro es mucho más […]

El Pájaro Bobo (Coccyzus longirostris) »

Tweet El pájaro bobo  es una especie endémica de Cuculiforme de la República Dominicana. Es común, se puede encontrar en toda la isla de la Hispaniola en la mayoría de los diferentes ambientes. El de este video fue filmado en la mina de Pedro Bello, provincia Duvergé. Related Articles: Estudio da cuenta de la increíble […]

Table for 12, please… Tiny bird feeds her 11 chicks on branch of tree »

Tweet Eleven hungry beaks to feed . . . no wonder their poor mother looks a little ruffled. But these newborn long-tailed tits, lined up on a branch and clamouring for a snack, are among the lucky ones. They have a nice home in an RSPB nature reserve at Fairburn Ings, West Yorkshire, where they […]

Yah-bah-dah-bah-doooo! Bear called ‘Yogi’ comes back to earth with a bump after getting stuck up a tree »

Tweet A bear came back to earth with a bump after it got stuck up a pine tree while foraging for food. Police used a tranquiliser gun to stun the two-year-old California black bear, which tumbled more than 15ft into the front garden of a house outside Los Angeles. But the fall was softened by […]

I’ll teach you to steal my nuts: The moment squirrel went into battle with pigeon over food »

Tweet It was not quite the Rumble in the Jungle. More the Brawl on the Lawn. But this feisty squirrel put up a fight Muhammed Ali would have been proud of when a pigeon tried to steal his nuts. Rearing up on his hind legs, he lashed out with both front paws at his startled […]

Swooping in at 150mph, this golden eagle really knows the meaning of fast food »

Tweet If you were unfortunate enough to be considered prey by a golden eagle, this is probably the last thing you would ever see. Its eyes intense and focussed, it’s massive wings folded back for maximum velocity, and its powerful talons spread in anticipation, the bird’s dive for dinner is one of nature’s most fearsome […]

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