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Archive for July, 2010

Encuentran en Yakarta osamenta rata gigante »

Tweet Yakarta.  EFE. Un equipo científico ha descubierto los restos óseos de la mayor rata conocida hasta la fecha, era más grande que un gato doméstico y habitó en las hoy extintas selvas de Timor Oriental hasta hace unos mil años. Related Articles: El extraño caso de la manada de chimpancés que asesinó a su […]

Stop your squawking! Kung fu sparrow has enough of his rowdy friend »

Tweet This incredible picture shows how a lovers tiff between two sparrows ended abruptly when the male bird rudely took matters into his own claws and clamped his female friend’s beak shut. Bird watcher Urs Schmidli spent hours crouched in his garden trying to capture the perfect picture, but could not believe how the male […]

Bandy-legged Belle the ‘spider dog’ runs for the first time thanks to £3,000 operation »

Tweet These striking pictures tell the story of a remarkable surgical procedure which has transformed the life of little Belle the greyhound cross. Now a playful picture of health, before her operation she was afflicted with cruelly deformed legs which made her walk like a spider. The gorgeous seven-month-old greyhound cross was born bow-legged and […]

The bizarre case of Earl Spencer, his divorce lawyer…and seven little piggies »

Tweet It sounds more like a fairy tale than the kind of behaviour expected in high society. But the story of Earl Spencer, two judges and seven little piggies is unlikely to have a happy ending. One of the country’s leading lawyers told the Earl that he had named his sow’s piglets after the character […]

Sorry, sir, but the strange hissing noise coming from your car’s engine is …a 5ft python »

Tweet The strange hissing noise coming from the engine wasn’t quite what the mechanics expected when they looked under the bonnet of a Skoda. For among the problems was … a 5ft python curled round the battery. The owner had dropped off his vehicle at Morris Road Garage in Lewes, East Sussex, worried he had […]

Porque vomitan los perros »

Tweet Los vómitos son la consecuencia de algún problema digestivo del perro, la causa generalmente es por enfermedades que irritan esl estomago o el intestino. Related Articles: El extraño caso de la manada de chimpancés que asesinó a su líder cuando se volvió totalitario No need to stick your neck out! Cheetah takes it easy […]

Cálculos urinarios en perros y gatos »

Tweet Los perros y los gatos pueden sufrir de cálculos urinarios, estos son una formación de piedras debido a la acumulación de minerales, se relaciona con una alimentación deficiente, por lo general piensos de mala calidad. Por lo general se forman en la vejiga, riñones, uréteres o uretra. Related Articles: El extraño caso de la […]

The sparrow that’s gone cuckoo: Clucky mum takes food to baby impostor – five times her size! »

Tweet If you’ve ever felt the pressure of keeping your family fed, spare a thought for this harassed hedge sparrow. Having raised a cuckoo as its own, the tiny foster parent is still having to feed the giant chick even though it has fledged and left the nest. Which means climbing up the cuckoo’s back […]

Detectan nutrias en el Delta del Ebro tras 40 años sin presencia en la zona »

Tweet Técnicos del Parque Natural del Delta del Ebro y de la Conselleria de Medio Ambiente de la Generalitat han detectado la presencia de nutrias en este espacio natural, tras la desaparición de esta especie hace 40 años. Related Articles: El extraño caso de la manada de chimpancés que asesinó a su líder cuando se […]

La ballena contra el hombre »

Tweet Una ballena franca austral (Eubalaena australis) sale a la superficie momentos antes de caer sobre el yate Intrepid en la costa de Ciudad del Cabo, Sudáfrica, el 18 de julio de 2010. La ballena rompió el mástil pero no hirió a nadie. Las autoridades costeras Related Articles: El extraño caso de la manada de […]

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