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Archive for August, 2010

Battle of the sexes savannah-style: Moment two lionesses launch extraordinary attack on a threatening male »

Tweet Two lionesses stalk their male counterpart before launching an extraordinary attack on the stunned lion. The dramatic set of photographs capture in startling detail the moments two females trade blows with the bigger lion. The females were out hunting when they spotted the lion, and fearing he might be competition, they gave a show […]

Dos especies RD en la “lista roja” »

Tweet El solenodonte y la jutía, dos especies que sólo existen en la República Dominicana y cuyo número  exacto no se conoce, han sido  inscritos en la “Lista Roja” de peligro de extinción mundial  por el proyecto científico “Los últimos sobrevivientes  que Related Articles: El extraño caso de la manada de chimpancés que asesinó a […]

Not so cuddly now: It’s claws the psycho squirrel »

Tweet The teeth are bared, the claws outstretched. Even his whiskers seem to bristle with animosity. If anyone still thinks grey squirrels are cuddly little critters, here’s an image to prove them wrong. The creature had climbed into a supposedly squirrel-proof bird feeder to steal nuts left out for the birds. Standing his ground: The […]

No, I’m top cat! Tiger stands up for himself at British zoo »

Tweet Whether you’re in the wilds of Siberia or deepest Bedfordshire, there comes a time in every tiger’s life when you have to stand up for yourself. And this big cat left its impudent rival in no doubt who’s the boss. Rearing up on its hind legs, front paws outstretched, it made a fearsome sight […]

Un mono provocó que se escapara el tigre de Jungle Island »

Tweet Watson, un pequeño mono de 8 años, siempre fue conocido por sus travesuras. Pero cuando el sábado se escapó de su jaula en Jungle Island, Watson desencadenó un drama que parecía salido de una película de suspenso: Un tigre de Bengala de 500 libras saltó sobre una cerca y decenas de visitantes corrieron enloquecidos […]

Loro ayuda a investigar asesinato de señora »

Tweet SANTIAGO.  Un loro que  menciona nombres de varias personas  es  centro de atención en las investigaciones del crimen de  Carmen Altagracia Castillo García,  una domínico-italiana de 60 años de edad, cuyo cadáver fue encontrado el jueves en estado de descomposición en su residencia del sector Los Reyes. Related Articles: Estudio da cuenta de la […]

How to make a crocodile smile: Swim in a pool full of deadly salties with just a perspex cage for protection »

Tweet Tourists to this unusual theme park are sure to get some holiday snaps with a difference. Inspired by the popularity of cage shark-diving, a tourist attraction has opened that allows adrenalin junkies the chance to swim with killer crocodiles. And, as these incredible pictures show, participants can get up close and personal with one […]

Enfermedades de los perros, breve resumen »

Tweet Los perros padecen y están en potencia de adquirir diferentes enfermedades, algunas de ellas son fatales, otras se transmiten con facilidad al hombre. Es por ello importante conocerlas para prevenir su desarrollo, cuidar nuestra salud y la de nuestra mascota. A continuación les vamos hacer una descripción breve de algunas de ellas: Related Articles: […]

Anything to declare? Shocked airport officials find drugged tiger cub in passenger’s suitcase among soft toys »

Tweet At first glance it looked to airport officials like just another stuffed toy in a suitcase. But on closer inspection, the tiny tiger cub was found to be real and alive but unconscious after it was drugged. Shocked police then arrested the woman owner of the luggage at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand where she […]

Chimp springs surprise on zoo staff by giving birth to healthy baby girl at the ripe old age of 56 »

Tweet A 56-year-old chimpanzee has stunned staff at an American zoo by giving birth to a healthy baby girl. Keepers at Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, Kansas, had been aware that Susie had been pregnant after undergoing and ultrasound in July. But the arrival of a baby female chimp last week still came as a welcome […]

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