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Archive for November, 2010

These pussycats are NOT afraid of water: Meet the Bengal tigers who just love splashing around »

Tweet Most cats run away at the first sign of water, but as these purr-fect paddlers show some just love to make a splash. The trio of unusual underwater playmates fight each other underwater as they chase after a chunk of meat at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Zoo, near San Francisco. Big cats are […]

Cuando se aconseja colocarle bozal a nuestro perro »

Tweet Nuestras mascotas necesitan de nuestros cuidados y atención, existen muchos métodos, hoy en día y con resultados muy positivos se esta aplicando el adiestramiento positivo, este consiste en premiar al animal cuando la acción que hace es correcta e ignorarlo cuando su comportamiento no es el ideal. A raíz de ello se pueden encontrar […]

I ain’t no scaredy cat: Fearless feline fights off TWO giant alligators »

Tweet They are normally used to catching the odd mouse and avoiding the neighbours’ dog. But this cat doesn’t seem to be at all bothered by his latest foes –  two huge alligators. Reportedly filmed on a farm in Louisiana, this black cat stalked and stared out his enemies before successfully forcing them to both […]

The feeding of the 5,000? Not quite, but pensioner lands record-breaking halibut that’s big enough to provide almost 1,000 fish suppers »

Tweet A 70-year-old angler will have no need to visit his local chippie for the foreseeable future – after reeling in a record-breaking halibut that weighed more than 34 stone. Gunther Hansel spent more than two hours battling with the 8ft 2in flatfish while on a trip to Iceland’s Western Fjords. And when he finally […]

Alimento preiniciador en pollito »

Tweet El pollo de carne alcanza el peso al sacrificio en un período de tiempo cada vez menor, lo que se debe en gran medida al mayor consumo de alimento en los primeros días de vida. Esta mejora se debe a la genética y a la nutrición. Se recomienda que los pollos recién nacidos consuman […]

The flying antelope: How a trick of the eye created a mythical creature in the wild »

Tweet At first glance it looks like a bizarre mystical creature – either from Greek mythology or something out of a Harry Potter movie. However this extraordinary mutation of antelope and bird is actually a clever optical illusion. The picture was snapped as the antelope was being pursued by an Indian Sarus Crane, the tallest […]

Extinction of dinosaurs ‘led to mammals growing 1000 times bigger’ »

Tweet Mammals grew in size 1000-fold after being left a food bonanza by the extinction of the dinosaurs, research has shown. From their origins as small shrew-like animals, some became enormously large – and the same pattern was seen all over the world. They included giants such as Indricotherium, a hornless rhinoceros relative from Eurasia […]

Baby love: Gorilla Mjukuu cradles her tiny first-born son »

Tweet First-time mother Mjukuu displays the inimitable bond between mother and baby as she places a giant protective hand over her five-week-old son. The 11-year-old western lowland gorilla gave birth to a healthy boy at the end of October, and keepers at London Zoo watched anxiously to see whether she would take to motherhood. Motherly […]

Los gigantes que sucedieron a los dinosaurios »

Tweet La extinción de los más grandes hizo un hueco para que otros ocuparan su lugar. Investigadores de la Universidad de Nuevo México en Alburquerque han demostrado que la desaparición de los dinosaurios hace 65 millones de años permitió que los mamíferos, entonces unas criaturas insignificantes de tres a quince kilos de peso, aumentaran su […]

Descubren un raro murciélago que se alimenta de peces »

Tweet Un grupo de biólogos de la Universidad del País Vasco ha descubierto una especie de murciélagos que atrapa peces y se alimenta de ellos. Se trata de una especie mediterránea denominada murciélago patudo o «Myotis capaccini» que echa por tierra la idea Related Articles: El extraño caso de la manada de chimpancés que asesinó […]

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