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Archive for December, 2010

Loophole in Texas law allows barbaric cockfighting rings to thrive despite nationwide ban »

Tweet Loopholes in the law have allowed cockfighting rings to flourish in Texas in spite of new efforts by animal activists to shut them down. The bloodthirsty bouts have been illegal in the Lone Star state for decades, as they are in the rest of the country. But while it is a felony in Texas […]

Las hembras jóvenes de chimpancé juegan a las muñecas con maderos »

Tweet Los chimpancé jóvenes salvajes juegan de forma diferente dependiendo de su sexo, como los niños humanos. Aunque tanto machos como hembras emplean maderos para divertirse, las hembras los cogen de forma más habitual y con más cariño, afirma un grupo de investigadores de la Universidad de Harvard, en Estados Unidos. Related Articles: El extraño […]

Estudian a especies de anfibios que sobrevivieron a hongo letal »

Tweet La presencia de una plaga devastadora para la población mundial de ranas se hizo evidente a partir de la década de los ’90, cuando miles de anfibios de distintas especies de todo el mundo comenzaron a desaparecer. Related Articles: El extraño caso de la manada de chimpancés que asesinó a su líder cuando se […]

Zoo’s penguins are prescribed cod liver oil… to help p-p-perk up their sex lives »

Tweet In the Antarctic penguins usually have no problem p-p-picking up a partner during the breeding season. But at a British zoo the birds have been getting some extra help – a daily dose of cod liver oil which makes them more attractive to the opposite sex. During the three months of the mating season, […]

Two reindeer used for Christmas parties mauled to death by escaped dogs »

Tweet Two tame reindeer used for children’s Christmas parties have been mauled to death by escaped dogs. The animals were discovered in their pens by owner, Rod Gross, with the dogs – two huskies – still nearby. They were being prepared to help brighten up Christmas parties and children’s gatherings during the busy festive period. […]

Aún quedan esperanzas de salvar a los osos polares »

Tweet La reducción global de las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero podría salvar a las capas de hielo del Ártico y a los osos polares, según científicos de Estados Unidos. Related Articles: El extraño caso de la manada de chimpancés que asesinó a su líder cuando se volvió totalitario No need to stick your […]

Skunk ruins Christmas for under-privileged children by spraying foul stench over £10,000 of donated gifts »

Tweet It was an act even Ebenezer Scrooge would have questioned. In fact, The Grinch himself may well have struggled to justify such terrible sabotage. But that didn’t stop a skunk from Oklahoma City ruining Christmas for 800 children. The small town of Purcell was rocked when the creature sprayed its infamous stench over almost […]

Descubren nueva especie de lémur »

Tweet Una especie de lémur con una línea negra en su cabeza que se bifurca en forma de Y fue encontrada en los bosques de Madagascar y se cree que sería nueva para la ciencia. Related Articles: El extraño caso de la manada de chimpancés que asesinó a su líder cuando se volvió totalitario No […]

Jet-propelled calamari: Rare photos of squid species that can leap through the air to dodge predators »

Tweet These remarkable photos show one of the most bizarre sights in the natural world. A British photographer captured a particular type of squid which use jet propulsion to leap out of the sea and fly up to 65ft. The flying squid swim in shoals and leap from the surface of the water and are […]

Nature at its most cruel: Last terrifying moments of a young buffalo as a hungry crocodile strikes in front of its mother »

Tweet In the wild only the fittest survive as this young buffalo found out to its cost. These were the final moments of a calf before a hungry crocodile did what comes naturally and dragged it down to a watery grave. Astonishingly, the buffalo’s herd did nothing to protect the animal or ward off the […]

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