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Snakes are working together to take down prey


Remember that “Planet Earth” clip where an iguana is ambushed by several hungry snakes?

It turns out these types of group attacks aren’t always just down to chance – and snakes can coordinate their hunts with a wolf-like pack mentality.

Scientists were never certain if snakes planned their hunts or just worked alone whilst attacking the same prey.

But new research, recently published in Animal Behavior and Cognition, suggests that they work together.

Animal psychologist Vladimir Dinets, from the University of Tennessee, made the trip to Desembarco del Granma National Park in Cuba, to watch how Cuban boas catch their dinner.

He observed several snakes apparently conspiring to trap Jamaican fruit bats in sinkhole caves.

The boas would lie in wait at designated spots along the cave.

When the unsuspecting bat flew into the cave, the snakes would spring out at different times – giving them a larger attack vector.

To make sure this wasn’t just a happy accident, Dinet observed the tactics for eight days.

Within that time he witnessed 16 different hunting events and found that whenever the boas hunted at the same time in the cave, they chose the exact same positions.

It appeared that the snakes were creating a wall which could snare any bats attempting to fly between them – similar to a football defense line.

He said: “Snakes arriving at the hunting area were significantly more likely to position themselves in the part of the passage where other snakes were already present, forming a ‘fence’ across the passage and thus more effectively blocking the flight path of the prey, significantly increasing hunting efficiency.”

And we’re sorry to say, but it’s likely that snakes all over the world are using similarly sneaky tactics.

According to Dinets, many of the world’s thousands of snake species could coordinate their hunts in ways such as this – but scientists have yet to encounter the phenomenon because we know so little about the creature’s hunting pattern.

“It is possible that coordinated hunting is not uncommon among snakes, but it will take a lot of very patient field research to find out,” he said.


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